6 oz. Aerosol

1. Penetrates inaccessible areas to displace contaminants
2. Lubricates with oils, additives and Teflon to reduce friction and increase part life
3. Protects against moisture and corrosion damage; displaces moisture to prevent icing; inhibits rust formation and corrosive build-up
4. Rejects dirt, dust, sand and other abrasive particles
5. Resists rust and corrosion, even under extreme conditions
6. Effective from -60F to 475F
7. Keeps equipment running longer
8. Reduces costly breakdowns caused by worn and dirty parts
9. USDA H-2 rated

Bearings, cables, nuts and bolts, air power tools, ball and socket joints, control cables, conveyors, cutting tools, drive chains, electric power tools, gears, glides, hinges, linkages, precision tools, rollers, taps, dies and valves.